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Music Manuscript Book: Coated Candy, Large Kids Stave Paper

Music Manuscript Book: Coated Candy, Large Kids Stave Paper

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Manuscript Paper

Capture your musical ideas effortlessly with our premium notebook, crafted specifically for those who cherish the art of music composition. This notebook is the perfect tool for creating melodies and harmonies across various instruments, such as piano, guitar, and violin. It's an essential companion for music students, educators, and enthusiasts at any level of expertise, from eager beginners to seasoned musicians. With its user-friendly design, it serves as an excellent gift and a valuable educational resource.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tailored for a wide audience, including students, young learners, and music aficionados of all ages.
  • The notebook's dimensions are a convenient 8.5 x 8.5 inches (21.59 x 21.59 cm), providing a substantial workspace while maintaining portability.
  • Filled with 100 pages of 6-stave manuscript paper, adhering to the standard music notation format with 5 lines per stave, ideal for a broad range of musical compositions.
  • Features blank staff paper and lined pages, offering ample space for both musical notes and written annotations.
  • Encased in a robust matte finish cover to ensure longevity and durability.

This notebook is more than just a collection of staff paper and manuscript paper; it's a gateway to musical expression and creativity. Whether you're jotting down a new composition, practicing for a performance, or teaching music theory, this notebook is an indispensable tool for capturing your musical journey.

Additional Information

Weight - 200g

Dimensions21.59 x 0.58 x 21.59 cm

Ages - 6 and Up

Author Name - Young Dreamers Press

# of Pages - 101

Paperback ISBN - 9781989387221

Series - Musicians Notebook

Volume # - 5

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