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Girl Power Coloring Book for Kids

Girl Power Coloring Book for Kids

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A Positive Affirmation Coloring Book for Girls

Embark on a journey of self-expression and empowerment with this beautifully curated coloring book, perfect for teens and young girls aged 8-12. Blending the art of coloring with the power of positive affirmations, it serves as an ideal tool for inspiration, confidence-boosting, and enhancing self-esteem.

Specially designed for adolescents, each page in this teen coloring book showcases a heartening affirmation like "Be a Voice Not an Echo," "We Rise by Lifting Others," or "Speak Your Mind," set against captivating designs ranging from simple to intricate, catering to all artistic levels.

32 Enchanting Coloring Pages: Dive into a world of unique illustrations paired with inspiring affirmations, tailored to foster a positive and creative mindset.

One-Sided Pages: Each illustration is thoughtfully printed on a single side, minimizing bleed-through and making it easy to display your artwork.

More than just a colouring book for children, "Girl Power Coloring Book for Kids" is a gateway to self-discovery and personal growth. The artistic expression combined with positive messages encourages reflection on personal strengths and aspirations in a fun and creative way.

Ideal for unwinding after school or bonding with friends, this book is a must-have in any girl’s collection. It nurtures a positive mindset, sparks creativity, and provides a sense of achievement with every page.

Let this be the canvas for young minds to color their way to a brighter, more confident future. Embrace the power of positivity and creativity – get your copy today!

Additional Information

Weight - 195g

Dimensions - 21.59 x 0.36 x 27.94 cm

Ages - 8-12

Author Name - Young Dreamers Press

Illustrations by - Fairy Crocs

# of Pages - 69

Paperback ISBN - 9781990136061

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