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Zoe and Her Pet Hedgehog (Paperback)

Zoe and Her Pet Hedgehog (Paperback)

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One Wish, One Hedgehog, and One Unforgettable Tale

All of Zoe's friends have pets. Lucas has a fluffy poodle. Amber has a grumpy cat. And Sheldon has a cuddly guinea pig. Zoe was the only one who didn't have a pet. She wanted one really badly. She tried to get one with all her strength...

Until one day, a tiny visitor shows up on her doorstep. A hedgehog who Zoe names Spiky on the account of his quills. Her wish has finally come true! Zoe loves her new pet, and they do everything together.

But trouble arises when she enters the two of them into the local Pet Pageant…

Join Zoe and her friends as she learns everyone is beautiful and talented in their own way.

Additional Information

Weight - 262g

Dimensions - 21.59 x 0.2 x 21.59 cm

Ages - 3 and Up

Author Name - Martina Markovska

Illustrated by - Fairy Crocs

# of Pages - 35

Paperback ISBN - 9781989790397

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