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Things That Go!: A Guessing Game for Kids

Things That Go!: A Guessing Game for Kids

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Things That Go: A Fun Guessing Game for Kids Ages 3-5

Can you spot the things that go that begins with B? How about one that starts with K? Choose carefully. They can be tricky.

As a parent or grandparent, are you tired of seeing the same simple words and phrases in your kids' alphabet books? Words such as boat or car? Why not see if they'd be up for something a bit more challenging? Inside this colorful fun book they'll discover words such as wheelbarrow, limousine, concrete mixer, and more!

Things That Go! features all 26 Letters in the Alphabet (in order) and 26 Fun Puzzles to solve. Choose your letter and then turn the page to see if you’re right! A perfect book for little avid learners. Enjoy the vibrant colors and cool, fun renderings of cars, construction vehicles, a yacht, a retro car, and more in this 8.5 x 8.5 square format paperback. Read it with them again and again as they develop observational skills and prompt recall through repeated exposure to the shapes and sounds of letters and the fun illustrations of various transportation vehicles.

Have a child who's a big fan of cars and construction vehicles? Make sure to check out our Cars and Trucks and Things That Go coloring book!

Available in both paperback and hardcover formats.

Additional Information

Weight - 170g

Dimensions21.59 x 0.36 x 21.59 cm

Ages - 3-5

Author Name - Adam Harris

# of Pages - 58

Paperback ISBN - 9781999461560

Hardcover ISBN - 9781999461553

Series - I Spy Books Ages 2-5

Volume # - 2

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