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Color Your Cravings: A Junk Food Coloring Book

Color Your Cravings: A Junk Food Coloring Book

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Indulge in Coloring Fun with Zany Junk Food Characters for Kids!

Embark on a deliciously creative journey with our junk food coloring book, where your favorite guilty pleasures are not just for eating but for coloring too! This whimsical coloring adventure is filled with the zaniest personalities of potato chips, hamburgers, french fries, pizza slices, hot dogs, cupcakes, milkshakes, and more, all waiting to be brought to life with your colorful imagination.

Dive into over 30 scrumptious illustrations where each page turns junk food into dynamic characters with their own stories. These single-sided pages prevent bleed-through, allowing you to use a variety of coloring mediums to bring each scene to vibrant life. The generous 8.5 x 11 inches page size offers a large canvas for your coloring exploration, making every artistic session an engaging experience.

Transform your coloring time into a playful romp through a world of tasty treats, where each junk food character bursts with personality and charm. Ideal for children and anyone who loves to combine their love for food with art, this coloring book promises hours of engaging fun and creative expression.

Additional Information

Weight - 195g

Dimensions - 21.59 x 0.38 x 27.94 cm

Ages - 6 and Up

Author Name - Young Dreamers Press

Illustrated by - Fairy Crocs

# of Pages - 69

Paperback ISBN - 9781990864513

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